Wizer is a dynamic survey automation platform that enables some of the biggest brands in the world to make data-driven decisions at scale.
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Digitization is a word that is going to become more and more prevalent. Our world is being digitized at an accelerated pace, ever some more, with the latest public health threats. This digitalization started, naturally, with large audiences initially consuming new digital products over digital channels. As time moved on, more and more existing products, shifted into a digital sales, delivery and consumption models. Music, videos, books, consumer products and now, groceries, food and beverages. Whole industries were changed to their core by new disruptive models, which completely re-wrote the book of how to do business. Uber, AirBnB, WeWork and others changed industries for ever.

One of the next and exciting targets for digitization is the entire life-cycle of creating, marketing, selling and monitoring retails products. Despite being one the largest markets on the planet, the level of sophistication that is being deployed in today’s leading consumer brands for beverages, food, apparel, cosmetics, consumer electronics and others, is very low, comparing to the closed-loop, fully measured and monitored models employed in the digital realm.

There is a good reason that this change has been delayed. These are big complex customers, and planning of new products is at the core of their business. To build a system, that will allow them to start their journey on the digital roadmap, they need a platform, that brings together multiple disciplines and skill, alongside a deep understanding of corporate dynamics and working processes. They will need to blend this understanding with deep AI capabilities around language understanding and prediction models. They will need to create a new type of people: people that understand consumers, AI and corporate marketing.

These people exist, and they are the employee team of Wizer. Alon, Mano and Idan, the company’s founders, were able to bring together a group of super-smart and super-committed people, with some serious marketing, AI, sales and engineering experience. Togther they started to work on what became an extremely valuable, efficient and creative marketing platform, which helps brands to better understand people, how to better serve them and how to grow your business. This small team, was able to win some of the best customers in the retail and entertainment markets and deliver real, measurable, business results for them. 

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