Veego is changing the way broadband providers interact with their end customers. It harnesses AI, edge capabilities, automates smart home, manages the home user experience, and creates new visibility, data, and analytics on user endpoints.
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The modern home is both connected and complex, as is the user experience. From live streaming and gaming, to remote employment, homework assignments, or a house guest with various mobile devices, society’s reliance on media and technology is often at odds with the very thing it seeks--balance. Two or more people living together requires both balance and compromise. This is as true for a family as it is for a team of founders. 

At Veego, bringing people together while creating balance is a way of life. This multi-disciplinary team unites the most sought-after technology ninjas in cyber, telecom, mobility, and communication, as well as customer management, billing and service assurance. Its founding team spans nearly 20 years of age and experience. Led by Amir, a seasoned CEO with two exits under his belt and joined by Denis, a fiery 20-something with a cyber intelligence background, and Reffael, a 30+ founder bridging the gap, it is not a coincidence that this team is powerful. 

Together they created Veego, an AI-driven, fully-automated router and cloud-based platform to manage the connected home. Veego ensures the right users get the right services at the right time and dramatically reduces the cost of support for broadband providers. It’s able to get a bird’s eye view of all of the nuts and bolts, from the carrier network, on up to the device operating system and processor. 

So, how does it work? Veego automates most of the connected home management and fault prevention functions, and makes it easy to fix the ones it can’t. The result is a dramatic improvement in both the home user experience and the carrier’s cost structure. Veego is paving the way for the next generation of telecom operators—automated, data-driven, user centric and cost effective—one home at a time. 

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