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StreamElements leads the market of creating and monetizing live video content. Many of the biggest names in live streaming are using StreamElements to pave the way for new technology, art and smart business models, disrupting, and growing market.
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The Nestor Film Company opened its first studio in October 1911. Perhaps not even realizing its long-term real-estate value, they chose an old tavern on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street, in a part of Los Angeles known as Hollywood.

Several years later, Nestor merged with its film distributor and the consolidated company adopted the name Universal. This marked the birth of a new industry. These companies, especially in the early days, powered the entire film industry. They brought together directors, actors, producers, filming facilities, technology, money and distribution, and made the silver screen magic happen. They were also the ones who turned Hollywood into a decades-spanning, multi-billion industry.

Later, when TV was born, the studios were joined by TV networks and mega cable companies. In essence, they served a similar role--they were the business, technological and creative glue for much of the content they presented and monetized. They created the user experience, and had a choke-hold on the entire value chain, through distribution.

Though this may seem like a linear business history type of story, it’s not. The rise of the Internet shattered all traditional content distribution models, and with them the hold traditional companies had on the market. Netflix and other streaming content services disrupted the traditional cable business, but it was only the beginning. This new generation of viewers are consuming different content in different ways. Now, the focus is on user-generated content (UGC) and videos on demand (VoD). It's all about relevancy and authenticity.

Today, users are watching eSports, computer gaming superstars on Fortnite or live lifestyle channels and interacting with other like-minded people on those platforms. This new content is not only disrupting traditional content distribution models, but also what content is and who is producing it. People broadcasting from their homes are becoming stars overnight, exercising tremendous market influence over global audiences. In short, it’s a completely new ball game. The traditional models do not meet the needs of these new stars and their audiences on networks such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Video. How will they manage their broadcasts? Enrich them? Manage the user interactions? Make money? Engage with brands?

StreamElements has the answer. StreamElements is a group of passionate professionals who have also been best friends for more than 15 years. Together, they created a company that, like Nestor, is paving the way for technology, art and smart business models to disrupt and accelerate the creation of new experiences and new markets. StreamElements empowers its talent to create and distribute engaging content and enables them to monetize and scale through brands and viewers.

And it does so without owning buildings, paying millions to a technical production staff or owning inconceivable piles of technical equipment. They don’t do editing rooms, video villages, studios or scripts. Instead, they harness technology, automation, AI and the power of the community to do things in a completely different way – fast, cooler and highly scalable. Many of the biggest names in live video streaming are using StreamElements brands on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook as well as some of the biggest and most innovative brands.

For us, this is a story of innovation, growth, and cultural change. Above everything, it's a group effort powered by friendship and loyalty. We are proud to be a part of it.

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