SpacePharma is expanding the boundaries of science. Its space-born, lab-on-a-chip technology enables pharmaceutical companies and researchers alike to conduct microgravity experiments in space, and manage them all from earth.
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Some people don’t settle for ordinary. They don’t even settle for “excellent” or “the best.” For these people, it is about exploration, about letting human curiosity run wild. It's about discovery and seeing what can be done. These people are often found in sports, the arts, science, and startup companies. Now more than ever, they are being drawn to space. 

As the space explorer Captain Kirk of Enterprise spaceship used to declare at the beginning of each episode: “Space is the final frontier.” Whether this is the case or not, an interesting response is, “For whom?” In a world full of experts for everything, with technology abounding, big discoveries are becoming more rare. In space, however, everything is brand new. Space for mankind is just the beginning. Until recently, space was reserved for nation-states. Thinking about space exploration meant years of planning and endless resources. Space was something to watch on TV, not to think about in practical terms.

That’s all changing now. Space is being democratized by reduced transport costs, nano-satellite prevalence, an increasing number of new vendors, and new game-changing technology. All of these are making space accessible for the right people, like Yossi Yamin, founder and CEO of SpacePharma, and his team. Yossi and his team have benefited from the democratization of space in this new age. 

Yossi was formerly the head of the IDF's Satellite Unit, deploying some of the most advanced space and remote sensing technologies. Now, less than a decade later, he and his team are using nano-satellites not to make war, but love. They have created something truly incredible. SpacePharma operates an unmanned, remote-controlled and fully-automated lab, positioned in a nano-satellite in space. It launches these satellites regularly and enables researchers to get to space fast, control their experiments in real-time, and get results instantly. The pharmaceutical and material industries, along with education, are using these flying microgravity labs to accelerate the discovery of new drugs, innovative treatments and genetic mapping. 

This groundbreaking team has already successfully launched several labs, joining forces with some of the biggest names in space exploration and pharmaceuticals. For us, they represent what venture capital is about. It’s not just about becoming fully optimized for the next level or an exit as fast as possible. It is also about supporting bold dreamers and visionaries, and helping them take off. 

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