Reality Plus is developing SoftOptics™, a patent-protected Near Eye Display (NED) technology that provides VR and AR glasses with an ultra-wide FOV within an efficient form factor.
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Baruch Spinoza liked optics and made a living grinding lens. Newton has spent much time contemplating the behavior of light beams… Why is that? It’s because software is easy… semiconductors are tough… optics? That’s almost black-magic, discernible to a selected few… Enters the world of smart glasses: As the mobile revolution is being commoditized, smart glasses will be the next consumer revolution for the technology world. Smart glasses are expected to be used even more than smartphones and, unlike the phone, are in-line between the human and the world. This means the number one priority, as well as the number one problem to solve, is… optics.

Some of the smartest people on the planet are trying to overcome the basic laws of optics to create a near-eye display technology that will provide perfect optics, regular lightweight and fashionable form factor, as well as a full field of view. To top this, high-resolution, low-power consumption and scalable manufacturability are a must. So far, their success has been limited. The failure to produce such a screen is one of the major holdbacks for the industry. The clunky-looking, heavy and oversized glasses we have seen in the market, remanence of the early heavy, big, and weird-looking mobile phones some of us might remember, which were limited by processor, battery, and screen technology.

Reality+ is focused on one thing: leaping (pardon the wordplay, ML…) one generation ahead of current screen technology to provide a new kind of display, one that was born for smart glasses, and overcomes all traditional limitations. We wish we could write more about Reality’s technology and how it might change so much, but Reality+ is still in Stealth Mode, so more it to come…

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