Pliops enables cloud and enterprise data centers to access data up to 50X faster, but at a tenth of the computational load and power consumption.
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Aryeh Mergi is known by many to be a consistent man. When he starts building something, he likes to finish it. Uri Breiter is often characterized by his intensity. He likes things to happen quickly and he strives for systems to work particularly fast. Moshe Twitto is...deep. He likes to make sure he understands things in-depth, and then he goes back over it again to make sure he has left no stone unturned. When these three gentlemen joined forces, a company was created that would complete a story Aryeh had started writing years before.

More than 20 years ago, Aryeh and Dov Moran were the co-founders of M-Systems. M-Systems was the company that introduced a new method of storing and moving large quantities of personal data to the world. It was widely known as the disk-on-key, or flash drive. M-Systems grew to become a global success, later to be taken public and subsequently acquired. Most people would stop at this point, but for Aryeh, this was not enough. His next company, XtremIO, took flash memory to the next level--into storage servers, helping them combine flash memory with large traditional hard drives and marking the entry of this new technology into traditional servers. This company, as well, was a success and was acquired by EMC, relatively early on, for a hefty sum.

When Aryeh met Uri and Moshe, they were busy trying to fully understand what flash memory could do for data-centers and how to make them run faster than anyone else thought possible. It was then that he realized even XtremIO was not enough. It was never about the money for him, but rather about an inner knowing that he just wasn’t done yet. Together with their growing team, Aryeh, Uri and Moshe demonstrated that in order to fully harness the power and potential of solid state memory in data-center servers, a new way of thinking was required. Moreover, some new, kick-ass technology needed to be invented in order to deliver it. They had to develop a new way of reading and writing data into server memory, a way that is natively developed for the type of memory and is making power, speed and flexibility gains.

This unusual team of people, and their significant undertaking, did not go unnoticed. Pliops was able to attract some of the best developers, partners and investors, all eager to be part of its next chapter. This is a developing story, and we are all enjoying supporting this team as they realize their vision: to add value to customers and further develop their company.

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