Perception Point
Perception Point is a next-gen, threat-detection platform built to enable digital transformation. Its technology allows organizations to safely guard email, messaging, cloud storage and any other content-exchange channel in minutes, and with no changes to MX records or existing processes.
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Our world is increasingly becoming more complex. Technology is all-pervasive, supporting and enabling almost every aspect of our lives. It’s not monolithic. Rather, it's a maze of layers and structures, all merging to create services and applications. Each element can also serve as an opening for an incoming attack. This makes it tough to provide efficient security to the organizations it’s critical for.

For a task like this, you don’t need a specialist to solve a problem. What you need is a team of experts that will address the build of your threats. Protecting one attack surface is not enough anymore. The same goes for examining only a part of the network. There is a need for something different, holistic, smarter, more aggressive, faster and more decisive. There are not many teams that can build something like that, but we were lucky enough to partner with the right mix. At the helm is Yoram Salinger, a serial entrepreneur who sold his previous company, Red Bend Networks, to Harman Kardon. He is joined by two of Israel’s finest cyber security offense and defense experts, both having served many years in Israeli’s intelligence top cyber units.

The result is Perception Point, a multi-layered platform that provides the most robust threat prevention on the market. Its first ever hardware-assisted platform (HAP™) combines hardware visibility with software agility to deliver unprecedented prevention of zero-day and N-day threats. With its built in deep scanning, multiple static engines and threat intelligence, it offers cutting-edge protection against frequently seen attacks like phishing, impersonation, and commodity malware. 

Perception Point’s solutions have been tested and proven superior in accuracy and reach among customers. Recognized as an innovator and leader in its space, it is continuing to build both its customer base and strategic partnerships.

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