MOV.AI provides enterprise grade Robotic Operating System, development platform and run time environment, enabling the best human robot collaboration experience.
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The world around us is changing fast, now more than ever. Among the biggest changes ahead of us involves large-scale automation of the industrial world. We can see around us, today, how the logistic business, material handling and assembly industries are relying more and more on Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) as well as automation technologies. Building an infrastructure for Setting an AGV’s based infrastructure requires know-how, access to talent, resources and substantial initial funding while the ROI is measured in years. In parallel, labor-intensive logistics warehouses are expensive and less efficient.

Logistics and manufacturing companies are looking to automate their process without the need to build new infrastructure and expand their human resources. Those companies are also looking for new business models, moving from traditional asset depreciation business models to Robot as a service, rental/lease and SW licensing models. With the growing demand from those companies, automatic machine manufactures, AGV manufacturers, and automation integrators are looking for technologies to provide Collaborative robots (Cobots) that can work alongside humans in the company’s existing facilities. 

To achieve this, a rapidly growing number of developers is adopting ROS, an open-source operating system for robotics. ROS modernizes, simplified and creates more unity in robotics software development and deployment. As manufacturing and logistics are mission critical operations, it requires enterprise grade solutions when it comes to scale, support, security, reliability and resilience. And this is where MOV.AI steps in: 

MOV.AI offers the ROS developer community, Robot manufactures and Automation integrators A ROS for enterprise - development & runtime environment that will allow them to expedite their development and differentiate their solutions.

We are offering a single Universal SW for all Сobots developers including:

  • Visual Representation and control of all automation devices
  • Visual programing – parallel computing
  • In-browser, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting multiple protocols using Python and C++
  • Fleet management supporting swarm model
  • Customizable UI – React, MVC, CRUD
  • DevOps – Containers, GIT, Licensing, versioning and upgrades
  • Integrated AI and vision-based algorithms
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