Kameleon is designing the first Security Processing Unit (SPU). It is a chip-based solution to the static data-center security foundation that constantly mutates the attack surface of the protected system at boot and run-time.
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The world has given up and got used to being one step behind. New and innovative cyber-attacks are usually not stopped by current tools, as no prior knowledge or pattern exist. Kameleon’s novel system architecture, which is based on the first Security Aware Processing Unit, is different; there is no solid, predictable surface to attack, and probing would reveal nothing consistent about it. This would move the world one step ahead and prevent many attacks, even without knowing anything about them. Kameleon’s full stack approach, protects the system from boot to runtime, by proactively changing the attack surface and adding a unique hardware ID to each node and process, guaranteeing its identity and trustworthiness.

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