Indeni is a leader in Security Infrastructure Automation, having pioneered managing security infrastructure by providing the world's best automated practices.
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Ours is a digital reality. Though we associate digital with “fast” and “efficient,” the reality in corporate IT and security is far from it. Years of speedy innovation and an ever-changing market created a technology stack that is fragmented and poorly integrated. 

We encounter hundreds of digital systems each day, by simply using our credit cards or visiting the doctor. These digital systems rely on a complex IT infrastructure made up of networks, servers, applications and security systems. It is extremely fragile. If we don’t fix it, the security systems will begin to fail, also taking down our digital experiences. So what’s the solution? To keep the digital world running smoothly, IT needs to run smoothly.

Indeni combines the human experience with live data from customers’ environments to generate predictive, prioritized, and actionable insights. Indeni’s platform creates unprecedented visibility that gives customers confidence in their infrastructure health like never before. With Indeni, companies can provide better service to their customers, thereby improving all our lives.

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