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Amenity is a cloud-based text analytics solution that provides a deep, meaningful way to harness AI. This helps some of the world’s leading companies as they scale, invest, analyze risks and perform other critical financial functions.
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There are few places where the connection between technology and money is as clear as it is in lower Manhattan. There, near Wall St., some of the world’s smartest people are using the most sophisticated technologies to their advantage over both their competitors and the market. In this world, the system for measuring success is simple: red or black. Even while maintaining excellent performance, they are constantly finding ways to stay ahead and keep growing. 

The financial industry is able to take mountains of words in text and in speech--and convert them into valuable and actionable insights faster and more accurately than the competition. To do this to over-perform, lead and dominate technology is not enough. Smart people are not enough. Money is not enough. What is required is a wealth of experience and knowledge in multiple disciplines, finance, machine learning and text analysis, for starters. In addition, it’s critical to have fast and flexible cloud architecture, robust delivery capabilities, integrity and reliability. Winning here is no small undertaking, which is why few have tried it and even fewer succeeded. 

Founded by Wall St. veteran Nate Storch, Amenity Analytics is up for the challenge. Nate, also the CEO, is a natural-born entrepreneur who found success in investment banking, including co-founding an investment firm. He is joined by Prof. Ronen Feldman, co-founder and world leader on NLP and text analysis application for the financial industry. Ronen wrote the seminal text book on NLP and coined the term “text mining.” His focus, along with NLP innovation, was applying NLP to deep analysis of public markets. Ronen sold his previous company to Reuters. Together, he and Nate assembled a team of leading technology and business executives in the U.S. and Israel.

Amenity develops cloud-based text analytics solutions using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. It is a strategic partner, providing a deep, meaningful way to harness AI to drive real value at scale, with speed and accuracy. Amenity is a pioneer in using advanced text analysis for investment, risk analysis and other critical financial use cases. Global research and advisory firm Gartner named Amenity Analytics a 2018 “Cool Vendor” in AI for Banking and Financial Services.

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