3d Signals
3d Signals helps manufacturers digitize their machines to become industry 4.0 “factories of the future.” Using a cloud-based asset performance monitoring platform, it's technology generates visibility and actionable insights within hours, using a range of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors.
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With ever-declining production costs in the east and rising taxes and instability in the west, traditional industrial companies in Europe and Industrial America are finding themselves in a do-or-die situation. This nearly stagnant industry must innovate while also fighting for its mere existence. To drive innovation and efficiency and to connect to today’s value-chains, it must digitize itself, and it needs to do it while competing fiercely. 

Led by CEO Ariel Rosenfeld, this team succeeded in creating an interdisciplinary team of over-achievers to embark on a mission to save an entire industry. For such a mission, the recipe was unusual: industrial engineers, manufacturing experts, AI experts, sensor and hardware developers, and never-say-die services personnel. Start with Israelis, add Germans and throw some Americans into the mix, along with an Ironman finisher as VP of Sales. Rounding out the management team are savvy executives from M-Systems, SolarEdge, and other strong Israeli companies.

With such a team, it’s no surprise that Ariel was formerly the general manager of the Disk-On-Key division in M-Systems before founding 3d Signals. He got serious about his health after growing the company to hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. He became an internationally renowned vegan ultramarathoner, winning multiple races in Israel and abroad.

3d Signals develops acoustic sensors designed to monitor the health of industrial equipment and provide maintenance diagnostics and insights in real-time. It enables customers, within hours, to start the journey into Industry 4.0. Its focus is simple: getting better. The company seeks to help its customers get better speed, better profitability, and more flexibility, all while ensuring everyone involved in the process gives their best and becomes better as a result.

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